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hoops. n. baskets. n. basket case. basketball backboard. basketball basket. basketball goal. basketball net.

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Definitions of basketball hoop. noun. horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball. synonyms: basket, hoop. see more. see less. type of: basketball equipment. sports equipment used in playing basketball.

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Hamstring, Happenstance, Health, Healthy, High-stakes, Hone, Hoops, Hooray, Host, Hurt, Hygiene, Hygienic I) Imagination, Individual, Infection, Injury, Instinctive, Intensity, Interception, Interpretation, Invalidate

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Basketball Glossary and Terms. Airball - A basketball shot that misses everything; net, backboard, and rim. Ally-oop - A pass high above the basketball rim that allows a player to catch and slam dunk or drop in the ball in one motion. Assist - A pass to another basketball player that leads directly to a made basket.

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Hoops Sayings. Many of the best basketball sayings come up from the community level. Some hoop sayings make their way into hoops lingo and are adapted by others when folks play in neighborhood gyms or community courts. Here are some of those. All things are difficult before they are easy. Born to great things. Let the MADNESS begin!

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Slang and Common Terms Used in Basketball Air Ball. If a player is throwing the ball and it flies the length of the court but still misses, it's an air ball. Alley-Oop. An alley-oop is a type of assist in which one player throws the ball toward the basket, and another player... And One. When a ...

How would you describe a basketball?

Descriptive words could also include adverbs, or words that help to describe action. Descriptive words could also be clear, strong verbs or nouns that carry clear meaning. The purpose of descriptive words is to clarify a topic. For instance, the use of adjectives can help describe a person, place, or thing. How does a basketball game work?

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Definition:(1) a press employed in basketball on both halves of the court (2) an all-out effort or offensive. “Hartford was held to two baskets and two fouls in the first half, both teams employing practically a full court press with a man-for-man defense.”. — The Hartford Courant[Hartford, CT] 15 January 1948.