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Calories Burned Playing Tennis | Calculator & Formula ...

A person weighs 180 pounds (81.65kg) and plays doubles tennis (a task that has a MET value of 6.0) for 1 hour (60 minutes). Calories Burned from playing doubles tennis (per minute) = (6.0 x 81.65 x 3.5) ÷ 200 = 8.57. Calories Burned from playing doubles tennis (for 60 minutes) = 8.57 x 60 = 514.

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The estimated calorie burn in one hour of playing singles tennis is also based on your own weight while playing: 100 pounds — 362 calories 125 pounds — 453 calories 150 pounds — 544 calories 175 pounds — 635 calories 200 pounds — 725 calories 225 pounds — 816 calories

How many calories burned tennis match? Single and double

Calories burned approx. = 0.032 x (weight x 2.2) X total practice minutes. Example: A person weighing 80 kilos who plays tennis for one hour must calculate: 0.032 x (70 x 2.2) X 60 = 295.68 calories. Play tennis as an expert (singles) In the case of those people with a certain level in the practice of tennis. The effective formula will change, and when you play simple you will have to calculate it based on: Calories burned approx. = 0.071 x (weight x 2.2) X total practice minutes. Play ...

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For tennis, doubles (Taylor Code 430), which is a typical intensity activity under the general description of tennis activities, the average calories burned by a person weighing 190 pounds (86 Kg) in 30 minutes is 259 Calories. In one hour tennis, doubles (Taylor Code 430) will burn 517 Calories.

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the current Compendium of Physical Activities underestimates the calories burned of table tennis practice for competition; This means that a 165-pound person can burn 5.4-14.3 calories per minute in competition. This equals 163 – 429 calories in 30 minutes of playing table tennis.

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sport. Although tennis is a team sport, a major component of tennis is individual performance. Therefore, your nutrition plan must be individualized and adjusted daily to accommodate varying training loads. Tennis also differs from other sports in its sudden stop-and-go nature. Because tennis athletes use both anaerobic

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Eat a recovery snack that’s around 200-400 calories of carbohydrate. For example, chocolate milk, a recovery shake, or a six inch sub with meat or fish are all great choices. Stretching. Be sure to stretch after practice to reduce stiffness and improve your range of motion and then stretch again before bed. Pain Relief & Hydrotherapy

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So the 400 calories per hour are according to the Tennis Calorie Calculator that allocates this value for a moderate hitting session. Among other aspects in the calorie calculator, these will entirely depend on your height and body weight.