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Tennis drills: forehand and net game like Roger Federer

Home; Tennis News; Tennis Technique; Constant training and continuous exercises are, for the practitioner, the best way to train the ideal technique: to have Roger Federer's forehand and net game ...

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Forehand Hitting the Net? 5 Actionable Tips You Can Do Now To ...

Now let’s get down to business, the forehand or the backhand for that matter will keep hitting the net if you time the ball too early or your racquet head is too inclined at the time of contact. Beginners struggle with that a lot because they are being told to hold the racquet at an incline with a semi-western grip and when they try and hit ...

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand

The 8 steps to a modern tennis forehand technique is a method of developing the fundamentals of the forehand which should be applicable to all recreational and junior tennis players, especially if they are struggling with the forehand. If you are saying that it’s different than how most of the pros play, you’re right.

How To Fix Your Tennis Forehand Fundamentals (By Yourself)

Start in the neutral stance forehand with your feet shoulder width apart. This is not a very wide stance, but it will allow you to rotate your pelvis/hips easily. Try to remain very stable with the front foot flat on the ground. The main objective is to keep your front foot on the ground.

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In tennis, if you only utilize a certain type of stroke, your opponent acrossthe net can take advantage and anticipate your next shot. The slice is one of the forehand strokes that stops your opponent on his track. If done perfectly, it can catch your opponent by surprise and not be able to react.

7 Easy Steps to a Powerful Forehand | Tennis Uni

From there it is then difficult to hit a controlled forehand. When contacting the ball, the racket head should be approximately parallel to the net. With the topspin forehand you hit the ball in a slight upward movement. You “wipe” the tennis ball to give it a forward rotation.

Ultimate Fundamentals: The Forehand - Tennisplayer.net

Click Here to see my more detailed analysis of the modern forehand in numerous articles in the Advanced Tennis section. Click Here to see Part 1 in Ultimate Fundamentals on the Serve. John Yandell is widely acknowledged as one of the leading videographers and students of the modern game of professional tennis.

Fix Problems With Your Tennis Forehand Swing

If you're hitting a lot of topspin, aim higher. One of the biggest benefits of hitting topspin is the added net clearance it provides. Take advantage of this by aiming at least three feet above the net. Some topspin hitters average more than six feet above the net.

The Killer Forehand: Part 1 - Tennisplayer.net

The killer forehand isn't just about physical size and strength. Look at this young guy below on the right. Right now he's four feet tall, but he's got the proper technique and the proper fundamentals to give him a big, powerful forehand. Yeah, he's a little guy, but he's got the makings of a big killer forehand.