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Do you use a dampener on your racquet? : tennis - reddit

1. level 1. dropshot. · 8y. It changes the sound and feel of impact, but otherwise, it doesn't prevent, say, tennis elbow (which are lower vibration shocks, I believe). Some people just like how a racquet feels with a dampener. They're pretty cheap. Try one out. (Tension is unchanged).

Dampeners : tennis - reddit.com

level 1. Realsan. · 4y. There's a misconception about dampeners. They only dampen the vibration of the stringbed, not the frame. You would continue to feel the vibration in your arm and it won't prevent potential injury. What they DO is change the way the strike of the ball feels and sounds. This makes it a personal preference thing.

Does anyone prefer NOT using dampeners? : tennis - reddit

2. level 1. dropshot. · 8y. People used to believe vibration dampeners might protect against tennis elbow, but they don't. It mainly muffles the sound and feel some, but otherwise if you're not terribly distracted (and it can be distracting), then either way would work. I don't think Federer uses a vibration dampener.

String dampeners - Pro or con? : tennis - reddit

Pro: Dampen string vibrations so when you frame the ball, it is a little bit easier to control. Con: That place on your racket is a no-hit zone. If you make contact with the ball at neck of the racket where your shock absorber is, you will 90% of the time miss the shot. -3. level 2.

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Dampener will not effect tension or string durability. It will effect sound and feel. Without a dampener, more feedback from the ball is retained in the racket and therefore more feel gets to the hand. I prefer playing without a dampener because then I get maximum vibration from the racket and can feel the ball at contact that much better.

Is Fed the only player who doesn't use a vibration dampener ...

In fact, I don't use a vibration dampener. Me neither! Correction. Roger is a vibration dampener. Correction. Roger is a damp vibrator. On the top 10, uses vibration dampener: 13. Djokovic: yes.

Broken string at grommet? : tennis - reddit

2) your vibration dampener is positioned illegally, it needs to be below all the cross strings (sorry I'm being pedantic) Oh, did not know that. I was never a dampener guy actually, this is the first time I am using one. the knot on the bottom left of your racket is partly loose, could be a sign of poor stringing.

Tennis Dampeners & Shock Absorbers For Your Racquet [In Depth ...

These mini shock absorbers first made an appearance way back in 1964, when Rene Lacoste produced the very first vibration dampener called the Tanti-Vibration Dampener as an aid for injury prevention. Naturally, other brands followed suit to create their own versions of dampeners, and it's become a widely used modern-day tennis accessory.