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There are seven players on the court for each team at the same time in a game of handball. These seven players arrange themselves in certain positions to maximize scoring chances on offense and to successfully defend their own goal from the opposing team. Although most players have different roles for offense and defense, the basic naming scheme for handball players follows their offensive roles: Goalkeeper; Left back; Center back (or simply "Center") Right back; Left winger

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There can be no more than seven (7) handball positions participating in the game at any one time. There should always be one goalkeeper and six outcourt players. Two fullbacks (left and right), a 'center' backcourt player, two wingers (left and right), and a circle runner (called 'pivot') make up the outfield team.

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Left wing - this attacking player is usually right-handed and covers the left-hand side of the court. In defence, they stand on the far left side touch line and in attack they provide counter ...

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Handball Side Backcourt are players of strength and very important in offensive and defensive actions. The right backcourt acts from the center to the right side of the court and the Left backcourt acts from the center to the left side of the handball court. Are characteristic of a Side Backcourt: Are usually tall and physically strong players;

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player positions. Each team is allowed seven players on the court; players are not allowed to take more than three steps with the ball or to hold it for more than three seconds.

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Position in the center court area between the wingers; this player tries to slip through the defense and create holes in it. right winger Position that covers the right side of the court; using speed and agility, this player is often at the sideline stretching the defense and creating scoring chances.

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Handball positions consist of a goalkeeper, two fullbacks, two wingers, a circle runner and a center. Here's the lowdown on these handball playing positions. There are 14 players in each team in handball, with seven on the pitch at any one time.