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Games And Tournament Questions In CAT: Solve Easily - IIM SKILLS

Let us learn about types of games and tournament questions in CAT. ROUND ROBIN . Round Robin is a common type of game and tournament question in CAT. Round Robin is a tournament where every team has a match with every other team. there are 8 teams in a sports tournament then every team gets to play 7 matches with 7 other teams.

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Games and Tournament Questions for CAT PDF. • One team won all the three matches. • Two teams lost all the matches. • D lost to A but won against C and F. • E lost to B but won against C and F. • B lost at least one match.

Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning - Part 1 ...

CAT Exam 2017 Questions from Logical Reasoning Logical Reasoning – Set 1 : Eight friends: Ajit, Byomkesh, Gargi, Jayanta, Kikira, Manik, Prodosh and Tapesh are going to Delhi from Kolkata Logical Reasoning – Set 2 : In an 8 X 8 chessboard a queen placed anywhere can attack another piece if the piece is present in the same row

CAT 2021 | Games and Tournaments | Practice Questions

In this class Dr Kiran Derle will take questions Games and Tournaments for CAT 2021. The concept will be taken from very much basics to make you understand it clearly. The session is in English and notes provided will be in English.

Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning – Part 2 ...

Full set of questions from CAT about games and tournaments. 1) What is the total number of matches played in the tournament? a. 28 b. 55 c. 63 d. 35. 2) The minimum number of wins needed for a team in the first stage to guarantee its advancement to the next stage is: a. 5 b. 6 c. 7 d. 4

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Top-3 CAT Games & Tournaments Questions and Answers by Maruti Konduri (100%ler in CAT 2019).Games & Tournaments are asked frequently in CAT exam and is very ...

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reviewed on Oct 18, 2018. Would request all the CAT aspirants to have a look at this course. Very often one perceived Games and Tournaments to be one of the trickiest parts of LRDI. However, with the approach designed by Manoj Sir, all the concepts and tricks become crystal clear, making this portion relatively easier to manage.

Games and Tournaments - Questions and Answers

Questions can be asked in this type of tournament based scenario: i) What is the total number of matches played in the tournament? a) 50 b) 56 c) 28 d) 75 Answer: d) 75 Solution: Total matches = Number of group A matches + Number of group B matches + Round 2 + Semi-Finals + Final = 8 2 + 8 C 2 + 4 C 1 x 4 C 1 + 2 + 1 = 28 + 28 + 16 + 2 + 1 = 75 matches