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What is NTRP Tennis Rating System? Hey friends, today I am trying my best to explain to you what does NTRP mean and what is its ...

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Your goal should be to compete in tournaments where at some point, there will be a player there to make you work hard to win.

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Whether you workout at the gym, or use home gym equipment like the Total Gym, it’s important to know your fitness level to avoid injury.

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Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Apart from mastering the game of tennis itself, there’s a multitude of gear and equipment available to help players reach their potential.

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Have you hit a wall in your tennis progress? Are you losing to the same players over and over again?

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Hold your right hand up in front of you as if you were trying to protect your face in a food fight.

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The tennis serve is the most important shot in tennis.

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How to Determine Your Tennis Shoe Size. ... Like regular street shoes, tennis shoe sizing is based on the length and width of your foot.

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We strip away the niceties and get down to the real reasons why you are not progressing in your sport.