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sap training institutes in noida - SAP is an integrated system of software solutions that enables you to perform the following tasks: data entry, retrieval, and management. report writing and graphics design. statistical and mathematical analysis. business forecasting and decision support. sap training institutes in noida

This training is a complete database solution
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
  • Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
At the completion of this training the participants will exhibit the following skills:
  • Introduce Microsoft SQL Server platform, architecture and tools.
  • Explore SQL Azure.
  • Execute T-SQL queries - write SELECT queries, query multiple tables, sort and filter data, use built-in functions, group and aggregate data, subqueries, views, derived tables
  • Learn SQL Server 2012 data types
  • Practice indexes, stored procedures, error handling, transactions, query performance
  • Programming with T-SQL
  • Install SQL server and describe physical structure of database
  • Create SQL server backup and restore databases
  • Define permissions and conduct SQL server audit
  • Design and implement data warehouse.
  • Integrate cloud data into data warehouse infrastructure, implement data cleansing, and enforce data integrity.

Target audience

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Developers
  • Client application developers
  • Business analysts


The candidates with the following skillsets are the ideal candidates for this training:

  • Microsoft Windows operating system and its functionality
  • Relational database along normalization
  • T-SQL

SAP Training Courese Content


  • An overview of SAp foundation
  • Course logistics
  • Course data files

SAP Programs

  • Introduction to SAP programs
  • Submitting a SAP program
  • Working with SAP program syntax

Accessing Data

  • Examining SAP data sets
  • Accessing SAP libraries

Producing Detail Reports

  • Submitting report data
  • Sorting and grouping report data
  • Enhancing reports

Formatting Data Values

  • Using SAP formats
  • Creating user-defined formats

Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data

  • Using SAP formats
  • Reading spreadsheet data
  • Reading database data

Reading Raw Data Files

  • Introduction to reading raw data files
  • Reading standard delimited data
  • Reading nonstandard delimited data
  • Handling missing data

Manipulating Data

  • Using SAP functions
  • Conditional processing

Combining SAP Data Sets

  • Concatenating data sets
  • Merging data sets one-to-one
  • Merging data sets one-to-many
  • Merging data sets with nonmatches

Creating Summary Reports

  • Using the FREQ procedure
  • Using the MEANS and UNIVARIATE procedures
  • Using the Output Delivery System

Learning More

  • SAP resources
  • Next steps

SAP Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques


  • An overview of SAP foundation
  • Course logistics
  • Course data files

Controlling Input and Output

  • Writing observations explicitly
  • Writing to multiple SAP data sets
  • Selecting variables and observations

Summarizing Data

  • Creating an accumulating total variable
  • Accumulating totals for a group of data

Reading Raw Data Files

  • Reading raw data files with formatted input
  • Controlling when a record loads

Data Transformations

  • Manipulating character values
  • Manipulating numeric values
  • Converting variable type

Debugging Techniques

  • Using the PUTLOG statement

Processing Data Iteratively

  • DO loop processing
  • Conditional DO loop processing
  • SAP array processing
  • Using SAP arrays

Restructuring a Data Set

  • Rotating with the DATA step

Combining SAP Data Sets

  • Using data manipulation techniques with match-merging

Other SAP Languages

  • An overview of other languages
  • Using the SQL procedure
  • The SAP macro language

Learning More

  • SAP resources
  • Next steps
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