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Before purchasing a high-value filling machine, we will consider the product quality, stability, and so on. But, how to purchase a good quality filling machine at a reasonable price?
What factors affect the quality of the filling machine?

1. Machine Output and Stability.
The stability of the machine is one of the most important effects.
If the machine is unstable and often breaks down, it will affect production efficiency.
A customer once complained to us that he had purchased a K cup filling machine from China, but when it arrived in the United States, they found that the machine did not work at all, which was really terrible. So when he made the second purchase, he paid more attention to the quality of the machine and after-sales service rather than the price.
Cost is also an important factor that should be considered when we are ready to start a business. The best result is to buy good machines at a reasonable price.
So in the purchase of a coffee capsule machine, we should not only pay attention to the price but also pay attention to the stability of the machine, Ensure that the machine produces coffee capsules uninterrupted

2. Filling Accuracy.
Compared with the previous ordinary filling mode, all of our packaging machines use compressed filling. This is the best way of filling at present.
As we all know, filling more than 5g ground coffee powder in Nespresso coffee capsules is difficult because the Nespresso capsule is very small, which requires the machine to press the powder during filling (check figure below).
In selecting a good coffee capsule filling machine, we also need to consider the filling accuracy of the machine. If the weight of the capsule varies greatly, the taste will be different. Our machine uses servo-driven filling. The weight error of each capsule is about ±0.05-0.15g.

3. Heat Sealing Effect.
The heat sealing effect is one of the most important factors.
A capsule with a good heat seal can be preserved for a longer time, also, aroma.
We all know that freshly ground coffee will disgass, so if the sealing of the Nespresso just made is very good, there will be a bulge after 2-3 days.
4. Accessories
The selection of accessories also determines the quality of the machine.
High-quality accessories make the machine run more stable.
For example, compare 100, 000 cars and 200000 cars, although they are both cars, the level of configuration determines the quality. Machines are the same. bet22 sport focuses on the long-term use of machines, All the machine accessories are OMRON, Schneider, and other famous brands.

Publication Date: 21 May, 2021


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