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It is the best-selling machine in 2020. It is characterized by not only a small footprint, high stability, high speed, but also low cost, can quickly replace membrane equipment, and produce 2 or 3 kinds of capsules of different sizes at the same time. It is also one of our entry-level machines.
The whole rack is made of 304stainless steel with a speed of 3000-4200 coffee capsules per hour. Up to 12.5g ground coffee powder can be filled. It can be used to make cups of different shapes and sizes.

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what-games-to-play-for-free-onlineEasy to learn and operate, fast install, and start production instantly.

Small size, higher speed capacity, and lightweight to fit the limited workspace

Stable quality and excellent accuracy filling (serve motor filling), The filling accuracy ranges between ±0.05-0.15

PLC control and real-time monitoring

Nitrogen system: flush capsule. Residual oxygen is less than 5%.

Suitable to fit for ground coffee, powder, herbal tea.

Typical for: Nespresso, K cup, Lavazza blue, instant dolce gusto

Extended 24 months manufacturer direct warranty

betway-247Auto load empty capsule and sensor check

Filling material into capsule(±0.1g)

Auto clean the cup edge

Grab foil lid and place ready on cup

Check lid in position and seal(flat seal or ring curve seal)

Finished capsules grab out

Model CPR4501K
Suitable for Keurig KCUP compatible type (empty kcup, kcup with filter ready etc.)
Notice One machine made for one capsule if more capsules need confirm by us
Capacity: PRECUT LID Over 45pcs/min
Filling type Serve motor driven auger filler
Filling accuracy ±0.1g
Sealing type Pneumatically driven heat and seal curve ring Omron precise temperature controller
Voltage 220v 50/60hz—3PHASE (by customer)
Dimension 1651mmX1629mX2062mm
Weight 750kg
Compressed air consumption 0.3-0.4 m3 per minute @ ≥ 0.6Mpa
Certification CE,ISO Compliant

Empty Lavazza blue loading station load cups into machine

Transparent coffee tank filler station

No cup no filling function by sensor check

Server motor driven compressed filler

bet22 promo code dust cleaning system (Airbest filter)

Type 1:Grab and put the precut foil onto each kcup

Heat sealer to seal the filled capsules

Grab the packed kcups out and put on belt

Nitrogen flush protection system keep freshness

English touch screen panel easy to operate


Room 2210, Building 1, The Link Plaza,
No.278 East Suzhou Avenue,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province,

Tel: +86 512 83991006


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Single Lane Nespresso Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

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The single-lane filling machine is our upgraded Nespresso capsule filling and sealing machine. It boasts a speed of up to 45 pods per minute while working within a small footprint, so it is ideal as an entry machine for new or smaller enterprises. The machine is configured to be most compatible with Nespresso but it can also be configured for use in Kcup/Dolce Gusto/Lavazza coffee pod filling and sealing.. . The standard machine is equipped with a vacuum feeder with an optional screw feeder to avoid the loss of ground coffee aroma from air contact. the English version of the touch screen makes the machine very easy to operate. It can also automatically identify the absence of capsules to stop filling, a foreign body alarm, and other standard quality assurance devices. Other components include: a feeding system; a powder suction station; a film/lid station; a heat sealing station; an output station. the single-lane coffee pod filling and sealing machine can also be improved with optional features such as checking and weighing instruments, flavor pumps, and counting functions.. . bet22 sportChina is a leading Chinese producer of coffee pod filling, sealing, and packaging equipment. Please contact us using the contact form below to talk about production line design and supply ith one of our experienced technicians....

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Box Packing Machine for K-cups/Nespresso

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The automatic box packing machine PBX-K is designed for a small number of packages. It is characterized by low cost, small space, and a wide range of sizes. PBX-K is an automatic controlling machine with electricity, light, and gas adopted together. Its self-counting ability can realize automatic production of packaging. The operation link adopts advanced detection means. The unqualified product will be eliminated automatically, so the qualified rate of the finished product is 100%. Human error will be controlled to a minimum, and the production cost and labor intensity are greatly reduced....

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Single Lane Nespresso Capsule Filling Machine

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CP4501L-B is customized for small production. . In the process of product research and development, taking into account the basic needs and requirements of customers, we are committed to creating a new type of equipment to meet the production of small and medium-sized enterprises. . What’s more, pay attention to the quality of the machine and the stability of production, after numerous comparative tests, finally the technical department developed this machine....

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Linear 2 Lane K Cup bet22 promo code Capsule Filling Machine

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2 lane coffee capsule filling machine, the speed reaches 80-120 cups per minute. . The framework is made of 304 stainless steel. Suitable for Nespresso, K-Cup, dolce gusto, Lavazza. Also, you could customize your own coffee capsule cups. . Can be filled with ground coffee powder, instant powder, tea, milk powder, liquid, and so on. . The accessories of the machine are mostly OMRON, Schneider, and so on. . From the loading cup to the grab finished cup, our engineers have strict control. . . Each capsule is well sealed. The filling accuracy is between ±0.05~0.15. . You can choose to drop the cup vertically or horizontally. the standard machine is equipped with a filling system, powder suction station, precut lid/cutting film station, heat sealing system, nitrogen system, and cup output station. . Optional stations include liquid flavoring, weighing system, etc . Achieving the production of coffee capsules from 0 to 1....

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