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SELENIUM Training Institutes in Delhi

Selenium Training institute in noida - Selenium training builds the proficiency to work on the Selenium IDE, a software testing framework for the web developers to test their web applications for different scenarios and on different web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Chrome and more.SELENIUM Training Institutes in Delhi

SELENIUM Training Institutes in DelhiParticipants will gain the understanding on the significance of Selenium along with its different associated tools such as Selenium Remote Control (RC), web driver, TestNG. Hands-on exposure on Selenium IDE will guide the trainees to effectively develop the test cases. Training will also encompass the details on database testing, enhancing reports, selenium grid, and Apache Maven.SELENIUM Training Institutes in Delhi

By the end of this Selenium course, you will be able to:
  • Understand Selenium tool in detail, covering its key principles and components
  • Write structured automated scripts
  • Develop robust web test cases with Selenium IDE
  • Utilize Selenium RC and Webdriver functions
  • Understand the integration of Selenium with the application under test
  • Use selenium Grid to speed up the parallel execution of test cases on multiple machines
Target audience
  • Professionals working on manual testing and looking forward for a career in Selenium testing
  • Aspirants who are aspiring to work open source testing tool
  • Candidates willing to exploit the power of selenium for software testing

Knowledge of core Java, HTML, XML, and JavaScript will help the candidates to get maximum inputs from the training.

Selenium IDE
Selenium RC
WebDriver Basics
WebDriver Advance
Enhancing Report
Database Testing in Selenium [“Using MySQL and JDBC”]
Frame works
Overview of selenium Grid
Overview of SVN and Apache Maven
1. Selenium IDE
  • Selenium features and IDE overview
  • Record and Run
  • Understand IDE – Command, Target, Value
  • Verifying Page Elements
  • Assertion and Verification
  • Matching Text Patterns
  • Locating Elements
  • Installing & using Firebug to inspect elements
  • Understand ID, Name, xPath, CSS-Attribute, Text and Dynamic Object
2. Selenium RC
  • Introduction to Selenium RC and Architecture
  • Benefits and Limitations
  • Installation of Eclipse and Selenium RC and Selenium Server setup.
  • Selenium Commands to Verify Page elements
  • Java script execution through Selenium RC.
3. WebDriver Basics
  • What is Selenium WebDriver basics and features
  • Installation of Eclipse and WebDriver Setup
  • Element Locator techniques
  • XPath identification techniques.
4. WebDriver Advance
  • Handling pop-ups, multi-browsers
  • Handling AJAX Drop-Downs
  • Handling Calendar pop-ups
  • Customizing XPath to recognize Dynamic Elements
  • Implicit and Explicit Wait
  • Soft Verifications
  • Page object Model
  • Java script execution
  • CSS Attribute value verification
  • Taking Screen shots
  • Check box/Radio button value verification
  • Setting browser profile and capabilities to handle (Security certification pages).
  • Mouse Actions on webpages
5. TestNG
  • TestNG installation with eclipse
  • Create TestNG.xml
  • Learning TestNG annotations
  • Move IDE code to TestNG code in Eclipse
  • Basics of TestNG & TestNG Annotations
  • A simple DataProvider through TestNG.
  • Logging Reports.
6. ANT
  • Learning Ant Scripts and creating Build.xml
  • Runing TestNG test Scripts with Ant
  • Understanding TestNG Results and Ant Results
7. Enhancing Report
  • Using ReportNG to enhance TestNG reports
8. Database Testing in Selenium [“Using MySQL and JDBC”]
  • DB Connections and ResultSets
  • Running SQL queries
  • Apply on TestNG
9. Frame works
  • Data-Driven Framework
    • Reading Data from 
    • How to use Dataprovider annotation of TestNG to do data linking.
    • Reading Data from Database(MySQL).
  • Keyword-Driven Framework
    • Crating you own customize keyword actions (functions)
  • Modular Frame work
    • Creating and using Constant files
    • Creating and Properties file
  • Hybrid Framework
    • Mix of Data Driver, Keyword and Modular frame work.
10. Overview of selenium Grid
  • Configuring Grid Build.xml for your Tests
  • Run Tests through Grid in sequence on local machine.
  • Run Tests through Grid in parallel on local machine.
11. Overview of SVN and Apache Maven
  • Getting SVN
  • Code Checkin-Checkout
  • Repositories
  • Running through Ant
  • Version Management using SVN 
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