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AngularJS training institutes in Noida

AngularJS is a web based Javascript framework introduced by Google. It is an Open Source which is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. AngularJS is latest framework to develop web based application. It follows the MVC pattern. AngularJS provides server based services and provide light weight web sites. In this training we cover Directives, Controllers, Filters, Events, Modules, Routing, Dependency Injection etc.. AngularJS training institutes in Noida

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web apps. The framework is widely used for building single-page web application fast. This structural framework allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for your web application along-with Model View Controller (MVC) capabilities. It is fully extendible and works well with other libraries too.

AngularJS Training Institute In Noida
1. Introduction
  • What is AngularJS?
  • Exploring a basic Application built in AngularJS
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller Architecture of AngularJS
  • Using Modules and Scope
Expressions and Built-in Directives
2. Filters and New Directives
  • Using Filters
  • Displaying the first image
  • Display all thumbnails
  • Creating an image gallery in JavaScript
3. Controller in AngularJS
3. Working with Models
  • Working with Complex Models
  • Using the $http Service to read a JSON file coming from server
  • Filtering Content Using Directives
  • Binding to Input Fields through Filters
4. Events in AngularJS
4. Working with Forms in AngularJS
  • Forms and Models
  • Creating a review form
  • Review live preview
  • Accepting form submition
  • Creating and using review controller
  • Validating form
  • Styling form
5. Dealing with Services, Routing, and Dependencies in AngularJS
  • Dependencis
  • Services
  • Routing
6. Integration of AngularJS with Twitter Bootstrap
6. Integration of AngularJS with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Setting up deep linking
  • Wiring up a second partial
  • Creating our details template
  • Adding navigation to our details page
  • Using AngularJS animation events
  • Setting up the routing
7. Evaluation and Assessment
  • Project in AngularJS
  • AngularJS Tests
8. Single Page Applications
  • What do we mean by Single Page Application
  • Creating Angular Modules
  • Using Angular's Routing Service
  • Creating a Skeleton Single Page Application
9. Directives
  • Teaching HTML new tricks
  • Beyond this course
  • A basic directive
  • Directives and scopes
  • Creating reusable directives
  • Turning directives into components

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